Arthur Curtis Soul Shaman

​In the beginning it seems important that we question all we have learned, and it's relationship to all that we can see and sense.  We think that there is some place to go, some mountain to conquer, some outward motion or mission that take us to understanding and expansion.   We find over time as we make the outward gestures and we find ourselves moving closer to WHO we are , and WHAT we are, and to what is possible for us to know and do.  At this time in our lives, we often discover that we have come full circle back to a simple relationship to ourselves, and that self in relationship to the world.  

As we move along this journey, using the metaphor of clouds parting and the light shining through, we have these profound moments of being.  In these moments, we have a certainty of who we are, of our relationship to all of creation.    These moments "in the light," we have a certainty that we are here for SOMETHING and that it matters.   

​This Journey takes us until we stand inside the light realizing that we are the light.  That we are a physical body, operating FOR the light.  The potential for us is beyond measure.  

We are wise, we are timeless, and we are continually in co-creative existence with EVERYTHING!  

Let me help to remind you... You are your destination!

The Journey

Arthur Curtis Soul Shaman