Couples Breathwork

  These sessions offer couples a unique experience that can offer tremendous growth and a deeper connection to each other and to themselves.  This work reveals hidden issues, injures, and/or densities like the individual Breathwork sessions, but with couples it can strengthen their connection, increase communication, and reveal a higher understanding of your relationship. Couples Breathwork sessions are $189 and can last as much as 2 hours.

These sessions are available via Skype if travel is an issue.   

Soul Centered Tarot

    A Tarot reading that offers insight into 15 areas of  your experience of yourself.  It also offers 3 additional cards that suggest action to take in regards to what is revealed, problems and solutions.  This is the equivalent of a psychic "MRI" giving a concise picture of who, where, and how you are.  This is the best introduction to the work that I do.  It gives us an accurate place to begin, and offers insight into future possibilities.  

Tarot Readings are $108 for an hour-long session.  

Couples Soul Centered tarot

    A double Soul Centered Tarot spread in which the cards are placed out side-by-side to offer insight into relationship dynamics.  This reading can reveal blockages, areas of confusion or neglect, or simply uncover hidden obstacles.  It also offers the couple an opportunity to recognize their strengths and ways in which they can support each other as they grow in the relationship.  This is a great experience for couples who are seeking deeper connection in their relationship. 

Couples Tarot Readings are $162 for an hour session. 


​  ​An experience of "conscious connected breathing" that assists the participant in releasing cellular memories from the body and subconscious mind.  It will bring up issues, injuries, and/or densities that are held in the physical or subtle bodies and profoundly impact the way we live our lives.  The Breathwork experience offers you an opening into those past thoughts, stories, injuries, etc. and helps you to recognize their purpose in your life, and the choices you have made around them.  At this point, you begin to recognize your power as a co-creator in your life and can begin to make choices that allow you to have deep physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.  This experience is filled with amazing potential for those willing to take the journey into themselves.  

    Ten Breathwork sessions are suggested over the span of a 10 week period.  A shorter time frame can be arranged if there is a need. 

​    Single Breathwork sessions are $126 and their duration is about an 1.5 hours except the first session which may last 2 hours.  A 10 session package can be purchased at $1144 (a 10% discount.)  Please contact me via email to schedule a 10 week session.  Breathwork sessions can be experienced

in person, or via Skype if travel is an issue.  

The Reconnection

An accelerated exchange of  energy, light, and information.  It is a focused formation to connect three systems; the lay lines of the planet, the meridians in the human body, and the universal energy grid.  This two session event is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that ties us back into a timeless system of intelligence.  The results of this of energy experience is vivid and extremely personal. 

Reconnection Practitioners are committed to charge $333 for this service.


Shamanic healing

    An energetic-healing experience that is intuitively guided and custom designed for the receiver. It has the ability to offer solutions to physical, emotional, or spiritual blockages, or dis-ease.  This session will reach into ancient healing techniques.  And could incorporate past life regression, channeling, soul journeying, crystal healing, singing bowl therapy, and others in order to deeply connect  with the receiver's soul purpose.  It offers an experience that is individually conceived for the receiver, and can effect tremendous change.   

​The Shamanic Healing Experience is $126 and lasts for an hour.  


reconnective healing 

This is pure energy work at a very high frequency that helps to restore the receiver to their optimal state of balance. Reconnective Healing  has been the subject of more than a dozen international studies. I have personally witnessed breathtaking results with this work. These sessions are not used to diagnose or treat symptoms, instead, we simply interact with higher level frequencies that often bring about dynamic transformation.    

​Reconnective Healing is $99/session, or a package of three sessions can be purchased for $270.  Reconnective Healing may be experienced remotely.  

Arthur Curtis Soul Shaman